COVID-19 Information

Visiting information

Moyola is delighted to be able to announce that visitors are permitted into aged care facilities. We please ask that visitors call  Moyola between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm in advance to book a time to visit.

Visiting Hours are now from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, seven days per week.

Requirements for visits

Up to 5 visitors (including dependants) at any one time per resident.

There is a limit of up to 5 visitors per resident per day.

All visitors must check in to the facility using the Service Victoria check-in app.

There is no daily limit on the number of visitors for end of life care visits. End of life means where a resident’s death is expected within 28 days or less.

Where visitors are not fully vaccinated, visits should occur either outdoors or in the resident’s own room(s), they should not occur in common areas.

Moyola offers and encourages screening visitors upon entry via rapid antigen testing.

  • Entry is only through reception to ensure we can control the screening process that every visitor must undertake. You cannot simply walk into Moyola to visit someone.
  • Remaining vigilant in terms of completing screening/declaration as per Federal and State directives, when visiting Moyola and social outings continue to be a priority.
  • Complete hand hygiene in accordance with Department of Health directives on entry, (a “how-to” sheet is attached for your information), and again immediately before proceeding with your visit.
  • Restrictions for visitors still include wearing face masks and social distancing. We continue to maintain our plans, policies and procedures to reflect all updates and directives.
  • Residents are able to leave Moyola for social outings in line with current Victoria directives. COVID precautions must be adhered to whilst in the community. We ask when leaving Moyola be mindful of the current positive Covid cases in Shepparton and the associated exposure sites.

Moyola Rapid Antigen Testing 

Moyola Lodge is committed to reducing the risk of infection for our residents, their loved ones, and our staff. 

This commitment includes the introduction of Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) which will commence on Wednesday the 17/11/21.   

As per the Department of Health, RAT is strongly recommended for Residential Aged Care Facilities as another layer of protection for staff and residents. 

Why are we implementing Rapid Antigen Testing?

The rapid diagnostic test will directly and efficiently detect the presence or absence of COVID19. This preventative measure is being implemented as another layer of protection to safeguard residents while living in the “Covid Normal”.  It supports our mission of enabling them to have the quality of life and live the life they choose. 

Who gets tested?

Moyola has been incredibly fortunate to not have experienced an outbreak. This is a credit to our staff’s dedication to Infection Control. The test is paramount in maintaining our high level of infection control management. 

Given that there are still active cases in the LGA (local government area) our risk of a positive case is still high. This is especially so when now restrictions have been lifted and there are a lot more people interacting. We are encouraging all staff members to conduct the test before every shift and encouraging visitors to also take part in the test upon arrival at Moyola. The testing is not mandated. Unvaccinated visitors are allowed to visit Moyola but our risk management in the event is to advise they use the social distancing, wear a mask, and have the visit outside the facility.